Preparation is Key to Healthy Ageing

28 Oct 2021

Preparation is Key to Healthy Ageing

We plan our careers; we budget and save to buy a house, plan to expand our families, and for our children’s education, but how much do we plan for our senior years?

Stories that have emerged from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety show a system of failure and neglect. We have learned that there are more than 100,000 people waiting for an approved home care package; packages that support people to live independently in the home for a long as possible. However, when the Department of Health figures show almost 28,000 people have died while on the waitlist in the past two years* it is cause for concern.

The best way to prepare for ageing is to understand the risk factors for disability and dependency as we move into the later years, understand funding models available to us, and to register early if funding is available. When we identify risks that are modifiable, we can actively take steps to improve. We know as we age bone density decreases, so strengthening exercises become more important.

Falls are one of the most common incidents that land our older population in hospital, and that’s where falls prevention courses become important. Understanding the aged care system can be tricky, but understanding it is invaluable to maintain independence in the home. Diet is also an essential factor and should not be forgotten. Our vitamin & mineral needs change as we age, and we should understand what small changes we can make to our diet to compensate.

It is not a secret that most of us want to age within our own surroundings until the end of life. And it can be done but, it does take planning. Mounties Care has been developed to help our members work through the planning process. Our vision is for our members to live longer, stronger, and more independently. Our nurses, armed with 15+ years’ experience, can help with any enquiry and point you in the right direction for help. Look out also for our Wellbeing courses and workshops, we will provide a wide variety of topics throughout the year to cover all aspects of healthy ageing.

For more information call Mounties Care 9165 0838.


*Thousands die waiting for funds in already approved homecare packages - ABC Investigations

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