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Overnight Care

Active Nights

If you or your loved one is a light sleeper or wakes frequently throughout the night and requires assistance, we refer to this as Active Nights. Our carer will come to your home to provide any assistance that may be required throughout the night. This service is provided on an hourly basis with a minimum of 8 hours.

· Anyone who doesn’t sleep at night or struggles with sleeping

· Following an accident or operation

· To provide respite or short term care so the usual carer can take a break


Inactive Nights (Sleepover)

Our carers will come to your home and sleep over to help assist with any requirements throughout the night. The carer may be required to get up once or twice during the night to provide support with any tasks. This service is provided for a minimum of 12 hours nightly.

· To provide peace of mind to clients that are nervous about being alone at night

· To provide support following an operation or accident

· To provide short or long-term support when the regular carer needs to take a break



To tailor a plan specific to your needs please contact our friendly
team on 1300 290 221

Inactive Nights




6am - 8pm




Active Nights





/ hour

/ hour

/ hour

*8hrs minimum active. 12hrs minimum inactive.
To tailor a plan and to receive a detailed quote please contact our friendly team via the form below or on 1300 290 221.