Metabolic Transformation Program

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Integrative Health Clinic

What is the Metabolic Transformation program?

Reset your metabolism to lose weight for good.

Do you feel like you have tried everything to lose weight but nothing seems to work? If you’ve been looking for a supported weight loss program that will give you the tools to get your health back on track then this is the program for you. We get long term results by taking an integrated approach to weight loss.

By joining our 13 week metabolic transformation program, you will learn strategies which address the body and the mind as well as lifestyle and diet modifications. We use a functional medicine approach assessing your genetics and nutritional profile.



How does it work?

In your initial appointment, we’ll get some benchmarks to understand your current health profile. We will use a functional medicine approach assessing your DNA genetics and nutitional profile. We look at how your hormones are impacting on your wight gain and how you store your toxins.


How much does it cost?

Our 13 week program costs $1335.

This includes:

•  4 dedicated Practitioner appointments

•  6 dedicated Health Coaching sessions

• ​​​​​​​ 7 Seca scans (body composition scans)




13 week program



all prices are indicative only, please see medical staff for customised quote